What holiday is October 2 in the church calendar

On October 2,

the memory of two holy martyrs - Zosima the Hermit and Trokhym - is

commemorated .

What do we know about this day?

Church calendar for October 2 - the day of memory of two holy martyrs - Zosima the Hermit and Trokhym

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, the church honors the memory of two holy martyrs - Zosima the Hermit and Trokhym.

Zosima lived in the 4th century.

Unable to live in the same city with pagans, he went to the desert, where he peacefully coexisted with wild animals.

Once, during a hunt, the ruler of Cilicia saw him and wanted to know what charms Zosima used to tame predators.

The old man replied that he had only one means - faith in Christ.

The ruler ordered Zosima to be tortured in order to force him to renounce his faith.

The tormentors, laughing, said that they would accept Christianity if the wild animals came to help the old man.

Zosima prayed to God, and a huge lion suddenly appeared on the square.

The ruler ordered to release the saint, but Zosima died immediately.

He suffered a little for his faith a little earlier - in the 3rd century.

Once in Antioch, during a pagan festival, Trochimus and his friend Sabatius prayed to God to guide their fellow tribesmen to the path of salvation.

The emperor found out about it.

He ordered his friends to be tortured and eventually executed.

Church calendar for October 2: video

Folk signs

  • The leaves fall from the trees on October 2 - it's time to put beehives in apiaries.

  • If you do not treat a beggar with honey - according to the omens, the year will be unlucky.

  • The lid should be left open - then the winter will be warm.

  • Bees tightly seal the leaves - a sign that it will be cold and there will be a lot of snow in the winter.

What not to do on October 2

  • It is strictly forbidden to be lazy.

  • Do not touch sharp objects.

  • Also, you can't be jealous or lie on this day.