continue to work together

After the Cabinet (Cabinet) has approved the contract extension of "Big Kong" Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee to serve as Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) for another term of 4 years already.

According to the Board of SAT giving the green light at the first step before and later by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Have made the matter to the Cabinet until it finally approves

For Dr. Kongsak, he is the 2nd SAT Governor in history from the nomination process to be renewed in this role by the first SAT Governor to be renewed for a second term. is “Big Young”, Prime Minister Kanokphan Chulakasem, who worked during 2006-2014.

by the work of

Dr. Kongsak started his first term in 2018 and will end his second term in 2026.

In this regard, the operation of

Dr. Kongsak in the past consisted of 7 plans according to the policy of the SAT Governor and 2 special plans according to the policy of the SAT Governor to increase the efficiency of sports development.

The main plans are: 1. A plan to improve the service level of SAT Smart National Sports Park, 2. A plan to improve the management of the entire organization system.

According to the criteria for the national quality award, Thailand Quality Award: TQA, 3. Sports Digital Platform Development Plan

4. Plans to upgrade activities and sporting events

To create economic value for the country, 5. Sports City Establishment Plan, 6. Comprehensive development of athletes with disabilities, and 7. Business Plan Business Plan of the Central National Sports Training Center.

and regional

including the provincial stadium

The special plans are: 1. Action Plan of the Center of Excellence in Sports Medicine

Sports Authority of Thailand Sports Medical Services and 2. Sports activities promotion plan in 5 southern border provinces

Dr. Kongsak said that essentially, every project has continued to progress, for example, the SAT's service upgrade plan will develop the potential of sports management.

sports science

Previously, only the budget from the state was required for the operation.

but studied in detail

The law is unlocked

making it possible to co-operate with the private sector

SAT will open a bidding with the private sector to make Smart National Sports Park a digital stadium

There is a training center for personnel. It is a full training center.

As for the improvement of organizational management, SAT has been assessed at level 4, giving them the right to restructure themselves.

43 additional staff positions. We have a law firm.

and the Employee Welfare Welfare Fund, making SAT step up to be on par with leading national organizations.

SAT takes care of welfare

Good provincial staff

Vehicles have been modified for use in work. The director of the Provincial SAT will change from level 7 to level 8.

on elevating activities and sporting events

to create economic value for the country

SAT attaches great importance to sports tourism, with SAT hosting many important international sporting events, such as the MotoGP World Motorcycle Championship with athletes and tourists.

Come join the many competitions.

build economy

Generate income from tourism in another way.

while establishing a sports city

It is still open to interested provinces if they pass the SAT criteria and are ready to support the budget.

and knowledge

to bring to the sport

as a mechanism for provincial development

As for the development of athletes with disabilities, various training centers have been developed.

to have complete facilities

as well as the preparation of the business plan of the National Sports Training Center

It proceeds to use the area of ​​the stadium to the maximum benefit.

to feed yourself

and relying on government budgets to a minimum

The governor of SAT further said that the special plans for the operation of the Center of Excellence in Sports Medicine

have taken care of both treatment

and fully rehabilitate athletes

doctor added

allowing athletes to see a doctor

Consult a physical therapist 24 hours a day online.

and the promotion of sports activities in the 5 southern border provinces

It has held sporting events continuously.

to build reconciliation

All of this is progress.

In the operation of Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of SAT for the past 4 years and from now on for the next 4 years, he continues to carry on the work in various fields in order to achieve concrete results.


It will also be prepared to host several major sporting events such as Asian Indoors and

6th Martial Arts Games on 17-26 November 2023 in Bangkok and Chonburi

including the 33rd SEA Games and the 13th ASEAN Para Games 2025 as well

with the aim of the big picture

Want to push sports into all dimensions, including society, economy and tourism.

Not just sports development

alone anymore

From now on, sport will become part of the lives of Thai brothers and sisters.

Sports will be another force.

in driving society

To move forward with quality...

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