Xu Ruihua (middle), director of Guanshan Business Counseling Office, won the Great Love Elite Teacher Award for 39 years of dedicated education in remote villages to help disadvantaged students.

(Reported by Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang / Taitung Report] After graduating from the Department of Business Education of Changhua Normal University in July 1972, Xu Ruihua came to Guanshan Industrial and Commercial Service in Taitung County from his hometown of Taoyuan alone.

With the passion of "going there wherever you need me", he devoted himself to the remote village for 39 years, and cared and helped students from disadvantaged families. This year, he was recognized by the Great Love Elite Teacher Award.

Xu Ruihua holds a teaching position in a remote village, and deeply understands that the educational resources of remote schools are often all the hope for children in remote villages to get rid of poverty. The stability of the community.” Therefore, I hope to teach students what they have learned without reservation.

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She said that at the same time, although she was busy in the day department and the night department, the students had different attributes. They were teenagers during the day and adults at night.

Although his personal strength is limited, he is still in the spirit of Yugong moving mountains, persevering and actively investing, serving as a professional subject teacher, skill training teacher, business director to the director of the internship counseling office, and counseling teacher to the director of the current counseling office, in addition to caring about students' skills learning , and also assist disadvantaged students to solve their difficulties.

Since 1989, in order to help disadvantaged students to solve their difficulties, we raised funds to set up a "Love Account" to provide student service bursaries, recruited students from poor families to form a service team, and planned activities to love their hometown and school, so that students could learn "self-reliance and self-love" from service learning. And ask enthusiastic teachers to recognize and assist students, so that students can go to school smoothly.

The activity has not been interrupted for more than 20 years.

In 2010, with the support of President Wu Yicheng, it was greatly assisted in fundraising, and it was renamed as the "Hefeng Love Scholarship Special Account" to expand the content and amount of scholarships, benefiting dozens of students every year, and subsidizing students ranging from hundreds of thousands of yuan. So far, more than Millions of dollars.

Since 2017, with the support of President Chen Weinan, he has vigorously assisted in fundraising and added "Beihai Rotary Club Scholarship", "Emergency Relief Fund", "Wu Qixiong Scholarship", "Luye Township Baohua Mountain Cihui Church Scholarship", etc. Multiple resources to expand the content and amount of scholarships and grants.

Realize the ideal of "everyone has the ability to read books".