Today (Sept. 30), political fans of the Coffee Council are all eager to hear the verdict of the Constitutional Court on the case of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, who served as prime minister for more than 8 years, until he was unable to make a living.

There are people who support the Prime Minister Uncle Tu.

To stay longer!!

There are people who are willing to curse the Prime Minister Uncle Tu to hurry up and go!!

"Mae Lukchan" has decided that "Klong Duang Jai", this case is at Article 158 of the Constitution, which prohibits a person from holding the position of Prime Minister for more than 8 years, regardless of whether or not they are in office consecutively.

But the total must not exceed 8 years!!

The facts that are clearly seen are:

Gen. Prayut was graciously pleased to be the prime minister since August 24, 2014.

Counting the term of office to the present, it is definitely more than 8 years!!

As for the "law" that is commonly seen, Article 268 of the Constitution requires that the Council of Ministers that was in administration before the constitution was promulgated to be the Cabinet under the current constitution.

It is a receipt confirming that Prime Minister Uncle Tu has been Prime Minister for 8 years, both legally and de facto.

The more I look at the "constitutional intent", the issue of not sitting in the prime minister's chair, roots grow for more than 8 years.

“To avoid a monopoly on power for too long

which will cause a political crisis.”

Therefore, the fact that "Gen. Prayut" still hit the ground and refused to get up from the chair of the Prime Minister.

therefore clearly violates the spirit of the Constitution

If looking at the actions of

"Gen. Prayut" himself, who did not disclose his assets after being graciously pleased to be Prime Minister for the 2nd round on June 9, 2019.

Since it is not the new prime minister, there is no need to submit the asset account again to the NACC.

Shows that "Uncle Big Tu" knows in his heart that he is the prime minister.

since before the promulgation of the Constitution in 2017 and continued to the present

"Mae Lukchan" believes that the evidence that 171 opposition MPs submitted their petitions to the Constitutional Court is tight in every aspect.

but often through the eyes of an elephant

Away from the eyes of Talen, there is still a chance that Prime Minister Uncle Tu will be able to pass through the doors of the Constitutional Court... still there!!

If the expert legal team of

"Prime Minister Lung Tu" was able to refute allegations of opposition MPs, ignoring every issue.

"Mother Luk Chan" reviewed the statement to resolve the allegations of

"Prime Minister Uncle Tu" leaked before submitting to the Constitutional Court

First, Prime Minister Uncle Tu ordered to start counting 8 years after the constitution was promulgated.

Second, "Prime Minister Lung Tu" does not allow the Constitutional Court to bring the issue of non-disclosure of assets into consideration for an 8-year tenure.

Third, Prime Minister Uncle Tu stated that

I will serve as Prime Minister

for any length of time (any) as long as I do not damage the interests of the nation and the people

Fourth, Prime Minister Lung Tu emphasized that the Constitutional Court must interpret the law.

Not according to the facts that people generally perceive.

Translate Thai into Thai that 8 years of Uncle Tu and 8 years of villagers are not equal.

Uncle Tu's 8 years is 5 years longer than usual 8 years!!

"Moon Moon"