The Legislative Yuan passed the "Amendment to Partial Provisions of the Ordinance on the Use of Police Equipment" in the third reading today (30th), in addition to broadening the scope of police equipment use, it also specified four situations in which police officers must use firearms to shoot.

(Photo by reporter Tian Yuhua)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The Legislative Yuan passed the "Amendment to Some Provisions of the Regulations on the Use of Police Equipment" in the third reading today (30th) to ensure the legitimacy of police officers' use of police equipment in maintaining law and order.

Ke Jianming, the general leader of the DPP, said that in the past, the bill was not dealt with during the general inquiry period. Therefore, this amendment to the law can be regarded as breaking the record of the Legislative Yuan and constitutional practice. Next, we will work hard to amend and pass the "Regulations on Foreign Service Supervisors".

The Tainan police killing case urged the establishment of a court to speed up the discussion on the revision of the police equipment use regulations. Ke Jianming said through Facebook that on September 16, he negotiated and decided on the opening date of September 23, and decided to schedule the agenda of the court meeting on September 30. The draft amendments to the Regulations on the Use of Equipment will be discussed in the admissions meeting.

Before the general policy inquiry was over, the government and the opposition were held to discuss the relevant disputed provisions. After more than two hours of full discussion among the various party groups, a consensus was finally reached, which was approved by the Legislative Yuan today in the third reading without objection.

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Ke Jianming said that the timing of shooting has always been a concern for many police officers. Therefore, the DPP has repeatedly invited relevant ministries such as the Judicial Yuan, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior and the Police Administration to fully discuss the relevant disputed provisions before convening consultations between the government and the opposition. After that, a motion for amendment was filed during the consultation.

Ke Jianming pointed out that this revision of the law has three major points. First, the timing of emergency shootings should be clarified; second, an investigation team on the use of police equipment should be established;

The "Police Equipment Use Ordinance" was passed in the third reading today. It is not only necessary to increase police morale and protect the safety of police on duty, but also to maintain social order. It also requires the Police Department to strengthen police training and increase related equipment.

In addition, Ke Jianming mentioned that this time also broke the previous record of the Legislative Yuan. "During the total inquiry period in the past, except for the treaty case with urgent limitation, the bill has never been dealt with."

The Executive Yuan will pass the "Draft Amendment to the Foreign Service Supervisors Ordinance" on the 22nd, and send it to the Legislative Yuan for deliberation. The Legislative Yuan will complete the first reading process today and hand it over to the Judicial and Legislative Affairs Commission for review. It will be listed as a priority bill for this session.