The UN Security Council has scheduled a vote on Friday on a resolution that condemns Russia for its "illegal so-called referendums" in four Ukrainian regions and declares that they have "no force."

The draft resolution, proposed by the USA and Albania, calls on all countries not to recognize changes in the status of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions of Ukraine.

The document confirms the commitment of the UN to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

The Kremlin has announced plans to annex four oblasts controlled by Russia, and Russia is likely to veto the draft resolution.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield

said earlier this week that if that happens, the U.S. and Albania will bring the resolution to a veto-free U.N. General Assembly vote.

The draft resolution, obtained by the Associated Press, demands that Russia "refrain from actions aimed at partial or complete destruction of the national unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine."

He also demands the withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the US State Department said it was considering "all options" in response to Russia's plans to annex new Ukrainian territories.

"All options are being considered when it comes to additional costs for Russia in response to its crimes and continued invasion of Ukraine and, of course, its recent reports of sham referendums and annexation efforts," State Department

Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel

said. .

"I will note that we will continue to use various instruments and levers at our disposal to hold Russia accountable and continue to support the Ukrainian people," Patel added.

- We will never recognize these territories as Russian.

They will always be Ukrainian and part of Ukraine."

European leaders condemned Moscow's announcement that it would annex four occupied Ukrainian regions to Russia after fake "referendums" organized by the Kremlin.

European leaders vowed they would never recognize the move.

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

, Jan Lipovsky

, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, rejected the "unilateral annexation" during a "completely falsified procedure that has no legitimacy."

During a speech on Czech public television, Lipansky condemned the referendums, calling them a "theatrical production".

According to him, four regions will remain the territory of Ukraine.

Italian Prime Minister

Mario Draghi

in a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President

Volodymyr Zelensky

said that his country will never recognize illegal referendums, Draghi's office reported.

Danish Prime Minister

Mette Frederiksen

wrote on Twitter that her country "will never recognize any attempt at annexation".