Genocide Memorial Complex, located in Guba district, is a state-protected monument reserve of world importance.

It is an ideological center that reflects the history of the genocide of Azerbaijanis and Armenian vandalism.

APA was informed about this by the State Service for Protection, Restoration and Development of Cultural Heritage.

It was reported that a few days ago, despite the warning, the construction of residential houses was started in the area located in the upper part of the forest strip in the protection zone of the reserve, in the direction opposite to the museum building:

"There is no road leading to the plot of land under construction. Currently, an illegal road has been built over the high-voltage power line and internet cable that provides the Complex with electricity. Heavy trucks continue to pose a threat to the work of the Complex. The construction of residential houses in that area will interfere with the activities of the Genocide Memorial Complex. , damages its ideological direction, the appearance of the area.

We applied to the relevant government agencies to stop the construction works, and the construction works were stopped by the Guba District Police Department."