In Russia, there is a rather wide range of what kind of weapons the occupiers can use for a tactical nuclear strike.

Military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko told

about this in an interview with


According to him, the occupiers can use air-based or ground-based tactical nuclear weapons.

"For example, these same Iskander missiles can be operationally tactical level, they can also be equipped with a warhead with a nuclear warhead.

It can also be sea mines or large-caliber artillery shells," Oleksandr Kovalenko stressed.

This type of weapon has no restrictions on the range of the shot. 

"It can be placed on another missile weapon, which has a fairly long range.

The same missiles of classification Kh-101, Kh-55.

The main thing is to understand that it is currently unknown how many suitable tactical nuclear weapons Russia has," the military expert emphasized.

We will remind that Russia can use nuclear weapons against Ukraine if there are no victories at the front.

And this probability is very high.

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