"Pensions of military personnel should be reflected in a separate law."

APA reports that MP Fazil Mustafa said this at today's meeting of the Milli Majlis.

The deputy said that labor pensions are for people engaged in labor activity: "Military servants are not engaged in labor activity.

They work on the border, for the protection of our territorial integrity, their work is difficult.

Today, the people who work in a special field for Azerbaijan are military personnel.

A separate pension system should be established for military personnel.

It is important to resolve the issue of military servicemen's pension.

Recently, there have been reports of illegal activities in the military system.

These crimes and embezzlements are not revealed by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense.

The embezzled funds are the blood money of the martyr, the money of the soldier who died in Tartar.

We should consider the issue of applying separate legislation to military personnel.

I suggest we look into it.

There are also representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population here.

Tomorrow the danger will disappear, when the security of our borders is ensured, we can look at the issue of pensions together.

The main group at risk is the military.

Their life, what they lived, what they did are things that nothing can replace.

A new draft law should be presented in this regard and we will discuss it."