The current operational situation in the south of Ukraine became known: summary for 09/29/2022.         

The "South" operational command informs about this.                                 

The situation in the Ukrainian operational zone remains complex and dynamic in development.

Defense forces are in control.

No significant changes in the condition, composition and position of the enemy were recorded.

Attempts by the occupiers to restore traffic across the Antoniv bridge are being observed, construction materials are being brought in, and road repair equipment is accumulating.

At noon, in the area of ​​Osokorivka, an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group of up to 6 people was discovered.

Under the fire damage of our units, they retreated, suffering losses.

Also, the actions of our units were successful in the area of ​​Davydov Brod, where the enemy stronghold was suppressed.

The enemy continues to shell the positions of our units and strike at the rear areas, populated areas with a civilian population.

During the day, it carried out 4 air strikes and 1 missile strike.

Myrolyubivka, which was recently liberated from the occupiers, was shelled from the "Grad" rocket salvo systems in the morning.

One person was killed, one was wounded.

Not giving the opportunity to restore the encirclement, the enemy continues to terrorize.

In the evening, the cassette "Smerch" hit the residential area of ​​Mykolaiv again.

Three people died on the spot, 12 wounded were taken to the hospital.

A little later, an attack of kamikaze drones was directed at Mykolayiv Oblast - 5 and Odesa Oblast - 2. Over Mykolayiv Oblast, 3 "Shakhedi-136" were shot down, one attacked the administrative building in the regional center and another - a critical infrastructure object in the area.

Rescue and emergency services are working.

There was no information about the victims.

Air defense forces shot down 2 flying kamikazes over the Odesa Bay.

As the head of state Volodymyr Zelenskyy said earlier, the situation in Donetsk region is now the most difficult, the Armed Forces are doing everything possible to restrain the occupiers.

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