Azerbaijan's ambassador to Britain, Elin Suleymanov, commented on an article about Armenia published in one of the famous British publications, "The Economist", and a letter addressed to the editorial board of the ambassador was printed.

APA's local bureau reports that Ambassador Suleymanov welcomed the emphasis of the article on the importance of a comprehensive peace agreement between the two countries.

Elin Suleymanov brought to the attention of the editorial staff and viewers the importance of taking advantage of this historic opportunity.

It was also noted that closing one of the saddest pages of the recent history of the region in the changing world, opening a new page between Armenia and Azerbaijan based on the fundamental principles of international law such as territorial integrity and sovereignty should be in everyone's interest.

Emphasizing that Azerbaijan has clearly expressed its position, the diplomat said that we are ready to build a stable future for the region in cooperation with all our neighbors, including Armenia.

"Unfortunately, Armenia does not show a constructive position in advancing the normalization process aimed at reaching a final peace agreement.

Lasting peace can be achieved with a final peace agreement, otherwise the security situation will continue to remain unstable," the ambassador said in his article.

In addition, the ambassador expressed confidence that positive solutions to post-conflict problems, such as accurate mine maps, information on missing persons, and the opening of transport routes, will help increase confidence leading to sustainable peace.