School children watch star chefs show off their cooking skills.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)

[Reporter Huang Xulei / Kaohsiung Report] Many schoolchildren are looking forward to changing the taste of nutritious lunches. The dietitians in each school are troubled with the side dishes. The ingredients are prepared with cool delicacies, and teachers and students praised the "Oui Department" (delicious しい, delicious).

Bananhua Tribe Primary School was originally located in Namathia District. In 2009, the school was relocated to Shanlin after the 88th typhoon disaster. It was transformed into an experimental primary school and restructured into a national primary and secondary school in 2019. It is the first aboriginal experimental education primary and secondary school in the country. This year won the Silver Award for Teaching Excellence of the Year.

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Principal Zhang Xinrong said that the chef team of Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung has been in love for many years. On the 27th of this week, at noon on the 27th of this week, the public relations manager Liu Jiazhen will carry out the "Nutritious Lunch with Love from Hometowns". Live a feast.

The chef cut Yuanxiang Aiyu into strips instead of noodles, seasoned it with sesame sauce and seasoned it with shredded cucumber and chicken, turning it into a cool and delicious salty food.

The chairman of Kaohsiung City Indigenous Peoples Association said that through the public service of star-rated hotel chefs, combined with local agricultural specialties, ethnic students can taste special nutritious lunches. He is especially grateful to the Kaohsiung Municipal Library for driving the mobile book cart into the campus so that teachers and students can choose readings nearby. In the future We will continue to promote cooperation with private enterprises, so that enterprises can help tribal friends through municipal assistance.

The acting director of Kaohsiung City Library, Lin Yicheng, assigned a mobile book cart to carry 2,000 picture books and texts for students to borrow.

Howard Hotel team settled in Yuanxiang.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)

Nutritious lunch for a different flavor, the schoolchildren praised the "Oui Department".

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)

Chefs of star-rated restaurants cook nutritious lunches for teachers and students.

(Provided by Howard Hotel)