Kaohsiung's Kaohsiung coast has a pleasant scenery and is suitable for walking and taking pictures.

(reported by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang / Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung Sea Line Tide Travel Group Subsidy Program was launched in the first month, and it has attracted more than 100 tour groups and received constant praise from tourists. Travel agencies actively organize groups to travel to the four districts of Kaohsiung's sea line, enjoy beautiful scenery, gourmet food, and experience the most authentic seafood life.

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai said that the four districts of Kaohsiung, Ziguan, Aida, Yongan, and Jiaxie, are classic seaport fishing villages. Every autumn and winter, the harvest season often attracts many tourists to taste fresh and buy fish, and migratory birds will also spend the winter in the south during this season. There are also ecologically rich wetlands, and now it is the most delicious to travel to Kaohsiung Sea Line.

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The temperature of Kaohsiung in autumn is just right, and you can have both Pengpai seafood and romantic sunset seascapes at one time. In addition to the main subsidy plan for the sea line group, the Tourism Bureau will also handle the sea line tide travel in-depth tour from late October to late November, with bicycles. In slow travel and bus light travel, local associations lead tourists to visit fishing villages and tribes in various districts, listening to local cultural stories and fishing village experiences.

Director of Tourism Zhou Lingyu pointed out that Luodi Mountain Natural Park in Miduo District is one of the most popular scenic spots in the itinerary applying for group travel subsidies. Luodi Mountain is a rare highland in the vicinity of the sea line. There are many natural trails for tourists to walk and exercise. Walking along the plank road, you can overlook the badland landscapes from different angles. At the highest point, there are still observation decks rebuilt from bunkers and 360-degree viewing decks, which can be seen at the same time. Admire the geology, birds, seascape and Dagangshan.

The wooden plank road on the sea in the Aida Coastal Light Corridor is also a favorite place for everyone to take pictures and swim with parents and children. In addition to the romantic cross-sea wooden plank road, the seaside area is planned to play sand beach, the first row of slides with sea view, and the painted wall on the coast, which is very suitable for bringing children. Playing water games and getting close to nature are also the most smashing points on the Internet.

There are many fresh seafood in Xingda Port and Oyster Fishing Market. Many tour groups will specially arrange for tourists to buy all kinds of freshly caught and boiled seafood. After tasting the freshly cooked seafood dishes, they will take a leisurely walk along the fishing port and the surrounding coast. You can also visit Yongan Wetland and Yantian Community Color Painting Village.

The Tourism Bureau welcomes travel agencies across the country to seize the opportunity to form a group to sign up. The subsidy will be stopped as soon as the quota is used up. For relevant information, you can check the Kaohsiung Tourism Network.

Lover's Wharf waterfront play area, suitable for the whole family.

(reported by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

Every autumn and winter in Yongan Wetland, migratory birds travel south to spend the winter.

(reported by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

The bad terrain of Luodi Mountain Natural Park has the feeling of landing on the moon.

(reported by reporter Wang Rongxiang)