Police reportedly rushed to the scene.

(Photo by reporter Liu Qinghou)

[Reporter Liu Qinghou/Taipei Report] A 20-year-old man surnamed Liu bought breakfast after drinking on the early morning of the 27th. He thought that the men surnamed Wu and Ni who were checking out at the counter were "targeting" him, and they provoked him repeatedly. Mao, the two sides broke out into a physical conflict twice on the street, and was finally arrested by the Wanhua Branch of the Beishi Police, which was reportedly rushed to, and both were prosecuted in accordance with the law.

The police said that Liu Nan went to a Zhigao restaurant on Guangzhou Street in Wanhua District to buy breakfast after drinking at 5 a.m. on the 27th. The man and 49-year-old Wu Nv and other 3 people "aimed" at him. When the other party was about to check out and leave, Liu Nan choked out, "Look at the shrimp." Liu Nan and others ignored it and walked out of the store.

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Thinking that Liu Nan, who was despised, was even more furious, and threw the Zhigao rice he just bought at the three people. This move really aroused the dissatisfaction of Wu and Ni Nan. The two sides fought in the street. Still unable to control the situation at the scene, two physical conflicts occurred successively. Due to the rush hour of work and school, passers-by immediately called the police.

Wanhua Branch arrived at the scene after being reported. The three people were still roaring and choking at the scene. The police immediately carried out isolation and suppression, and took the three men and Wu woman back to the police station. Afterwards, because the two parties were unwilling to file a complaint, the police followed social order after interrogation. The maintenance law can be fined up to 18,000 yuan.

The two sides fought fiercely on Guangzhou Street in Wanhua, Beishi.

(Photo by reporter Liu Qinghou)