Lin Mingqin, the head of Nantou County, was impersonated and forged a new LINE account. When the chief noticed something was different, he checked and reported that Lin Mingqin had called the police after the incident.

(Provided by Nantou County Government)

[Reporter Liu Binquan/Nantou Report] LINE scams are emerging one after another. Nantou County has recently reported that the mayor of Zhushan and Xinyi have been impersonated and forged new accounts, added friends everywhere, and asked people to borrow money. The Nantou County Government appeals that the county magistrate will not add LINE friends indiscriminately, and reminds the public to check carefully and not to be deceived.

The county government stated that the county magistrate has recently received many reports from the county chief, pointing out that he already has the county chief’s LINE account, why the county chief recently created another account to ask to add friends. Chang learned that he had reported the case to the police and reminded the county residents to be careful. He did not add friends with the new account, nor would he borrow money from the public.

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The Zhushan Town Office stated that the mayor Chen Dongmu was also impersonated and forged a LINE account last week, and was summoned to borrow money from the public. The impostor even asked the public to withdraw money in front of the public office. Fraud, we call on the public to be more vigilant and check more to avoid being deceived.

Xinyi Township Office pointed out that the township chief Quan Zhijian also received feedback from many village chiefs on the 29th, pointing out that he used a new account to request to add friends, and said that he needed to borrow money. In order to avoid people being deceived, in addition to appealing not to be deceived, they will also report the case to the police station to prevent villagers from being victimized.

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Chen Dongmu, the mayor of Zhushan, was impersonated by a fake LINE account to add friends to borrow money.

(Provided by Zhushan Town Office)

Quan Zhijian, the head of Xinyi Township, recently received reports from many village heads, alleging that he was fraudulently used a new LINE account to add friends to borrow money.

(Provided by Xinyi Township Office)