The New Taipei City Government calls on the central government to actively promote the handling of various approved or under-construction plans, including the south-to-north on-ramp of National Highway No. 1 Linkou Interchange.

(Provided by the New Taipei City Government Transportation Bureau)

[Reporter Zhou Xiangyun/New Taipei Report] Lin Jialong, a candidate for mayor of New Taipei City from the Democratic Progressive Party, has repeatedly mentioned the road network plan for the construction of the New Taipei Expressway. Today, he also proposed the capital MRT policy plan.

Zhong Mingshi, Director of Transportation of New Taipei City, pointed out that Lin Jialong proposed 15 major transportation construction campaign policies for the construction of the New Taipei Expressway network, of which 14 are in line with the New Taipei City government's planning, under construction or in cooperation with the central government's plan, and the similarity is as high as More than 93%.

Zhong Mingshi said, "You don't need to copy the paper for the policy!" Lin Jialong's political opinion is not that New Taipei City has already done it, but just change the term, otherwise it will be unrealistic and random check.

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He pointed out that the expressway system is under the jurisdiction of the Central Expressway Bureau and the General Administration of Highways. The New Taipei City Government will not only conduct a feasibility study plan according to the key points of the central government to apply for the addition and improvement of interchanges, and strive for approval, but also calls on the central government to actively promote the implementation of the feasibility study plan. Various approved or under construction plans, including the addition of north entry and north exit ramps at National Highway No. 1 Wugu Interchange, and the south and north entry ramps of National Highway No. 1 Linkou Interchange.

He said that in response to the construction plans that have been submitted to the central government for deliberation, such as the addition of a south exit ramp on National Highway No. 3 Nangang Interchange to connect with Nangang liaison road, and two projects such as the Xinzhuang 2nd Interchange of Taiwan Line 65 (addition of a south exit ramp), etc. It is hoped that the central government will speed up the review and approve it as soon as possible, instead of delaying the approval of the flat road construction plan on the north side of the Danshui River, and allowing the project funding to continue to rise.

Zhong Mingshi emphasized that the New Taipei City Government will invest 416 million yuan annually from 2020 to jointly promote the 1280 public transport commuter ticket with the Taipei City Government, which will help the stable development of public transportation in the Taipei metropolitan area. New Taipei City also welcomes the central government to inject subsidy funds and expand the promotion. The scope of use of the Shuangbei public transport commuter ticket may be included in other means of transportation such as the Taiwan Railway and Taoyuan Airport MRT by means of a premium purchase.