The MRT Bureau of the New Taipei City Government said that Lin Jialong's "Xibei MRT" route was not economical and financially unviable, and it could not operate sustainably.

(Provided by New Taipei Metro Engineering Bureau)

[Reporter Lin Xinhan/New Taipei Report] Lin Jialong, a candidate for mayor of New Taipei City of the Democratic Progressive Party, announced today the "Capital MRT Policy Plan", planning to build the MRT "Xibei MRT", the main line in New Taipei, and was elected to take office After the establishment of the Capital Rapid Transit Company.

In this regard, the New Taipei City MRT Bureau said that Lin Jialong's "Xibei MRT" route is similar to the Wutai Light Rail and Taiban Light Rail that the city government is planning and handling, and the Wutai Light Rail was reviewed and approved by Lin Jialong's Minister of Transportation during his tenure. If the MRT system is used, it will increase the overall project cost, which will not be economical and financially unfeasible, and will not be sustainable.

Li Zhengan, director of the New Taipei City MRT, said that the Wutai Light Rail and Taiban Light Rail are connected to the Ring Line, Luzhou Line, Airport Line, Xinzhuang Line, Taiwan Railway Fuzhou Station, Bannan Line and Wanda Zhonghe Line. Lin Jialong actually copied and pasted the planning of the transportation network, and changed it to the route of debts to keep descendants and Qiankeng that cannot be operated sustainably. "Please Lin Jialong not to copy, let alone make unrealistic plans and promises."

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As for the establishment of the Capital MRT Corporation, Li Zhengan said that this is a big joke. When Lin Jialong served as Minister of Transportation, he did not deal with New Taipei City's request for the transfer of the equity of Taipei MRT Corporation to the New Taipei City Government. The political opinion of the ministry's power and responsibility, which drama is it playing?

The MRT Bureau explained that the basic problems of operating losses, replacement funds and self-paying funds have not been proposed to solve. The mayor of New Taipei is not the minister of transportation. How to set up a company seems to be just shouting slogans. .