Chen Shizhong, a candidate for mayor of Taipei from the DPP, attended the opening ceremony of the 5th Third Member Congress of the Enterprise Trade Union of the Park Street Lighting Project Management Office of the Bureau of Public Works, Taipei City Government.

(Photo by reporter Wang Yisong)

[Reporter He Yuhua/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan posted a photo with Davis on Facebook, and was rejected by the DPP Taipei mayoral candidate Chen Shizhong's campaign headquarters spokesman and legislator Zhuang Ruixiong. It is necessary to defend the rights and interests of players; Chen Shizhong also mentioned at the event this morning that it is a good thing to care about relevant public affairs, but during the campaign, this team loves to cut rice tails, which is also one of the ways Jiang Wanan's team behaves.

Jiang Wanan posted a photo with Davis on the Internet on the 29th, expressing his defense of the rights of naturalized players, and posted his sports political views in the message.

However, Zhuang Ruixiong, who has been concerned about players' rights and interests for a long time, then slapped his face in a Facebook post, saying that Jiang Wanan, a legislator, had never assisted in any process in the past, and even the relevant legal amendments, including the proposer and the signatories, could not see Jiang Wanan Three words; only take photos when the election is over, and using naturalized players as an election tool is disrespectful to these new Taiwanese people and sports activities.

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Zhuang Ruixiong said that in 2013, "Davis" was the first national protector Q who became a new Taiwanese through the naturalization application process, and subsequently achieved good results for Taiwan in international competitions, even winning against rivals China and China. The Philippine team; but in the next "naturalization shortage", we can only continue to work hard for Davis. As he grows older, he continues to fight for Taiwan with large and small injuries.

Zhuang Ruixiong said that last year, he asked the Internal Affairs Committee many times and communicated with Minister Pan of the Ministry of Education many times. He hoped that "Artino", who is most willing to be naturalized at the moment, could successfully apply for "naturalization by honor". Finally, he was successfully naturalized in November last year.

Jiang Wanan, who is also a legislator, what efforts did he make for naturalized players when he was in the Legislative Yuan?

Zhuang Ruixiong pointed out that the law used in naturalization applications is the Nationality Law. He proposed a related bill on the Nationality Law last year, hoping to increase the flexibility of applications for these outstanding foreign athletes while taking into account national security. Colleagues of Jiang Wanan’s party also proposed related Amendment to the law, but neither the proposer nor the signatories can see the three words of Jiang Wan'an. He will be able to defend his naturalization rights in the legislature tomorrow morning, but he has never seen Jiang's efforts and actions.

Chen Shizhong, a candidate for mayor of Taipei from the Democratic Progressive Party, attended the opening ceremony of the 5th Third Member Congress of the Enterprise Trade Union of the Public Works Bureau of the Taipei City Government on the 30th.

(Photo by reporter He Yuhua)