Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan attended the "Chen Siyu's Office Warming Event" on the 30th and accepted a joint interview after the meeting.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] The election battle for Taipei mayor is fierce, and the competition and cooperation relationship between the blue and white camps has attracted much attention. There are voices of blue and white cooperation. They think that the non-party Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan should be abandoned and the Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan should be given up , in exchange for abandoning the Kuomintang mayoral candidate Lin Gengrenbao Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hongan; Huang Shanshan was dissatisfied with the manipulation of the issue, and was criticized by an interviewer today that it was intentional differentiation, and even asked which political party dared to come forward and say: "We want to divide the spoils politically. ?” Thinking that voters are people, not votes or pawns.

Huang Shanshan attended the "Chen Siyu's Office Warming Event" this morning. When interviewed, she was asked about rumors that Hsinchu was ceded to Gao Hongan and Taipei to Jiang Wanan. Huang Shanshan said that this was an intentional differentiation, and the issue of blue and white has been on the agenda since last year. In other words, every time we have to operate in this way, we are actually operating a blue-green showdown. It makes people feel that competition is an exchange. Which politician or political party dares to say, "We want to divide the spoils politically", this is underestimating the people. wisdom.

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The media asked, does it mean that the Kuomintang is nervous about the election?

Huang Shanshan said that the people don't do what they want them to do. They are voters, not votes, not a bunch of pawns.

Huang Shanshan emphasized that Taipei City is an important stronghold of Mayor Ke, which is why he hopes that Taipei City will surpass the party. Everyone gave up blue-green eight years ago. Now, of course, the two sides want to bring back the blue-green showdown, so this is a game beyond blue-green and green. In the war across political parties, I hope everyone can return to rational debate and public policy debate. It is really useless to just operate blue and green every day.