As part of the measures to increase the quality of intercity passenger transportation service, the Azerbaijan Surface Transport Agency is putting out the intercity regular bus routes Baku - Astara - Baku, Baku - Lankaran - Baku, Astara - Baku - Astara and Lankaran - Baku - Lankaran.

According to the information given to "APA-Economics" by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, the competition is based on the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Automobile Transport", approved by Resolution No. 52 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 3, 2009 "Regular intra-city (intra-district) by automobile transport" ), is organized in accordance with the "Rule of holding a competition on the involvement of carriers in passenger transportation on intercity (interdistrict) and international routes".

According to the conditions of the competition, each carrier should have at least 2 small, medium and large capacity buses on the Baku - Astara - Baku, Baku - Lankaran - Baku and Lankaran - Baku - Lankaran routes, and on the Astara - Baku - Astara route, the carriers should have at least 3 buses.

Bidders must submit the required documents to participate in the competition by October 27 at 17:00, and the set of tender proposals by November 10 at 17:00 to the Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency.

Envelopes submitted after the specified time will be returned unopened.

Bidders' proposals were held in the administrative building of the Azerbaijan Surface Transport Agency on November 24 for the first 5 lots in the Baku - Astara - Baku and Astara - Baku - Astara directions, and on November 25 for the 4 lots in the Baku - Lankaran - Baku and Lankaran - Baku - Lankaran directions. time will be opened by the commission.

Claimants and their authorized representatives authorized by a duly formalized document may participate in the meeting of the commission.

It should be noted that the intercity route lines will be submitted to the competition in a phased manner in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

The goal is to increase the quality, safety and comfort of the service provided in the field of passenger transportation.