The rise in consumer prices in France slowed in September to 5.6 percent on an annual basis from 5.9 percent in August, according to preliminary data published today by the National Statistics Institute (Insee), cited by Agence France-Presse.

This fall in inflation was due to a "slowdown" in the increase in the prices of electricity and services, the statistical institute explained in a communique, while the increase in the prices of food goods accelerated and that of industrial goods continued to grow at a rate close to that recorded in the previous year. month temp.

After August, it was the second slowdown in France's annual consumer price increase since July 2021, and inflation was capped at 1.2 percent. 

On a monthly basis, consumer prices fell by 0.5 percent after growing by 0.5 percent in August.

Electricity prices have decreased for the third month in a row as a result of oil product quotations.

The increase on an annual basis in September was 17.8 percent compared to +22.7 percent in August.

Slight increase in inflation in France

The seasonal drop in the prices of some services in the field of tourism was more pronounced than last year, the statistical institute notes on the occasion of the monthly developments.

On an annual basis, the increase in service prices slowed to 3.2 percent in September from 3.9 percent the previous month. 

In the same period, food prices rose by 9.9 percent in September.

Fresh produce prices rose 11 percent in the same period, up from 3.5 percent in August.

The increase in manufactured goods continued at a moderate pace (+3.6 percent compared to +3.5 percent in August).

The harmonized index of consumer prices, which serves as a basis for comparison at the European level, rose by 6.2 percent in September compared to 6.6 percent in August.

On a monthly basis, the chrominized index decreased by 0.5 percent compared to +0.5 percent the previous month.