Taipei mayoral candidate Huang Shanshan delivered a speech at the "Chen Siyu Campaign Office Warming Event" on the 30th.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang's candidate for Taipei mayor, Chiang Wan-an, announced the day before yesterday that the Taipei Cultural and Sports Park (Big Arena) will be completed within the first year. Chen Shizhong, the party's candidate for Taipei mayor, criticized Jiang Wanan for not resigning as a legislator, but he could ask the Ministry of the Interior why the Big Arena took so long to be tried. He even criticized Chen Shizhong as a member of the ruling party who can help Taipei City, but both of them can't do anything. If you don't do it, you will be able to help now.

Huang Shanshan attended the "Chen Siyu's Office Warming Event" this morning and was criticized. Jiang Wanan has not resigned as a legislator. He can now ask the Ministry of the Interior why the trial took so long, and why should he take office to do things that can be done now? ?

The other is Chen Shizhong, who is a member of the ruling party. The ruling party is the competent authority of the Ministry of the Interior. If you want to help Taipei City, you can do it now. In the end, the two do nothing but criticize.

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Huang Shanshan believes that the Big Arena has a stake in the interests of the entire citizens. After the operation begins, Taipei City can receive royalties, and if they want to help, they can help.

The media asked whether they thought that they would only think of the Big Dome during the election?

Huang Shanshan is sour, I haven't heard that they care about the big egg in the past few years.