The Deputy Attorney General of the Government, Dr. Boniface Luhende has said that the Government has put in place strategies to develop the legal sector in order to serve the people better.

Speaking at a working session of directors and heads of legal units from various ministries, government institutions, public organizations and all councils in the country, Dr. Luhende said the development of the nation and the people depend a lot on the legal sector.

He explained that the sector is an important resource in the development of the nation and that is why the government has come up with strategies to develop the sector.

Dr. Luhende said that even the holding of the meeting which has brought together the leaders to plan strategies to develop the sector including the exchange of experience is part of the strategies to develop the sector in getting competent lawyers within the government.

He said that by doing so, it helps the government to carry out its duties according to this year's theme which says: 'Execution of duties in accordance with the law is an important resource for national development'.

And the Attorney General, Judge Dr. Eliezer Feleshi said it is important for those leaders to understand the vision and responsibility of the offices they serve.

He said that by doing so, they will be able to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Feleshi used the opportunity to give an opinion to government lawyers to continue to register in the system so that their profile and the work they do can be recognized.

"The public service we want in the legal sector is to ensure that every public servant of the legal cadre is used according to his ability where he is.

"He can be an employee of the Attorney General's Office but he used to work at the Attorney General's Office because these days we study to be smart and not to read better, just to read," he said.

Dr. Feleshi said that until now the information system of the Attorney General's Office shows that there are 2,661 government lawyers registered, of which 18 lawyers have a doctorate degree, 789 have a master's degree, 863 have a higher degree and 855 lawyers have a bachelor's degree. legal issues.

And the Deputy Attorney General from the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (SMZ), Shaban Ramadhan Abdallah, said that they have come to learn so that they can imitate and implement the cooperation between the Office of the SMZ and Tanzania Mainland.