Pingtung County Councilor Hong Mingjiang (left) was concerned about the progress of the transportation construction, and Pingtung County Mayor Pan Mengan (right) was impressed and emphasized that he would make every effort to follow up the progress.

(taken from the Pingtung County Council website)

[Reporter Luo Xinzhen/Pingtung Report] Kaohsiung MRT will extend to Pingtung, and it is planned to reach Dapeng Bay Station. Pingtung County Mayor Pan Mengan said today (30th) when questioned by county councillors that it cannot only go to Dapeng Bay, he will strive to extend it. To Linbian Railway Station, let the MRT connect with the Taiwan Railway.

Pingtung County Councilor Hong Mingjiang was concerned about the issue of traffic equality during the general questioning by the County Council today (30th). The county government explained that in the case of Gao Jie's trip to Pingtung, "Where is the end point? To Dapeng Bay? Or the forest edge?"

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Pingtung County Mayor Pan Mengan said that the Kaohsiung MRT extends Pingtung. He thinks that it cannot only go to Dapengwan Station, but requires direct connection to Linbian Railway Station, which is only a few hundred meters away. The railway can be combined with the MRT to allow tourists , Residents have more convenient transportation connections.

Pan Mengan pointed out that traffic equality is very important. For decades, traffic has been underdeveloped, and Pingtung County has been marginalized and attracted by magnetism. Traffic is the mother of all construction, and only fast roads can bring money and flow of people and logistics , so he has been fighting for a long time; what the Ministry of Communications asked him most was that he had to do a feasibility assessment first, and a study would take two to two or three years. Next, an EIA is required. After the EIA, it will take a few years before the contract can be issued, which is a waste of time. In fact, many administrative procedures can be simplified. In addition to the necessary procedures such as the EIA, others such as comprehensive planning and feasibility studies can be carried out in parallel.

Pan Mengan said that taking the second expressway in Pingtung as an example, it was approved in 2019. He asked that the Pingtung end should be built first if there is no dispute. All public land has passed the environmental impact assessment, and now it has entered the second-order ring difference; It doesn't make sense for the terminal problem to hold Pingtung.

Just like Gao Jie, Gao Jie went to Donggang to finalize the case. There is no dispute at the Pingtung end. It is required to go directly to Linbian Railway Station. At present, it is planned to go to Dapeng Bay, but it cannot only go to Dapeng Bay. The railway must be combined with the MRT.

Pan Mengan emphasized that there is a big gap between the central government and Pingtung from Taipei. For example, there is no problem with the high-speed train to Yilan, but there is such a big problem in Pingtung. This kind of traffic discrimination is unfair. , This is meaningless, there is no technology, it is just four words of political decision.