The moving castle parent-child activity venue to be held by Gao Hongan, the mayoral candidate of the Hsinchu People's Party, is provocative?

Gao Hong'an's team said that the main venue of the host is no problem.

(Reported by reporter Hong Meixiu)

[Reporter Hong Meixiu / Hsinchu Report] The General Village parent-child activity organized by the Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hongan's camp of the People's Party was reported by the DPP for violating the city government's regulations that OT manufacturers are not allowed to conduct political election activities. The city councilor Li Guozhang who hosted the event said, The main venue of the event is the Jiangong Community Activity Center. Because it is close to Jiangjun Village, it is marked as such for the convenience of the public, and the event is not held in Jiangjun Village.

In addition, Li Guozhang said that the DPP's allegations of "Dr. Hao Xuchang's interactive science popularization implementation", "Cindy English storytelling" and other venues for the activities organized by the governor and parliamentarian candidates are also in the Jiangong Community Activity Center, not in the general. held in the village.

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Li Guozhang said that the anti-drug drama of the Shambhala Opera Troupe is a tour performance of the whole Taiwan troupe subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and has signed 15 performances with the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The DPP finds out the facts.

Li Guozhang said that the garden fair was entrusted to a private company to hold the event. The vendors of garden fair booths had rented aisles from Jiangjun Village to set up their stalls. However, the unit in charge of the venue had doubts about the regulations. On the day, the event booths would be withdrawn from the scope of Jiangjun Village to avoid disputes.

However, Li Guozhang said that the event will be held as scheduled and citizens are invited to participate.