Chiang Wan-an, a candidate for the mayor of Taipei from the Kuomintang.

(Photo by reporter Fang Bin)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] New Taipei Kings basketball player Quincy Davis is the "first naturalized player" in Taiwan's basketball world. Recently, there has been heated debate due to his identity identification. The Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan posted on Facebook PO yesterday. Davis' group photo, but DPP Taipei mayoral candidate Chen Shizhong's campaign team spokesman Zhuang Ruixiong criticized that Jiang Wanan didn't care about the naturalization of players in the Legislative Yuan in the past, and only took pictures after the election to gain popularity.

Jiang Wanan emphasized in an interview this morning that he should not care about who helped Q the most.

Jiang Wanan held a press conference on the policy of "Learning from the World and Creating a New Pattern of Education" in the morning, and accepted a joint media interview after the meeting.

The media asked about the popularity of Facebook PO's photo with Davis. Jiang Wanan said that we are very grateful to those who have helped Q in the past, and we are also very grateful to those who care and help Q now. In fact, as long as you are good to Q, yes If the Taiwan movement is well developed, don't care about who helps Q the most. The most important thing is that when a foreigner becomes a citizen of the Republic of China, this is not a choice but a love.

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The media asked Zhuang Ruixiong if he wanted to refute the criticism. Jiang Wanan said that many people have helped and assisted us in the past. We are very grateful, and now many people care and help us, which are all worthy of our gratitude. You should express your concern, help, and show high respect. This is the biggest feeling Q has brought us Taiwanese people.