"Be careful not to step on it," the cleaning staff quickly cleaned up.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)

[Reporter Huang Xulei / Kaohsiung Report] "Be careful not to step on it", Kaohsiung MRT Yanchengpu Station had a strong smell of feces this afternoon. Passengers stepped directly on the dirt. The company found out that the public accidentally leaked from the trousers, and it was not deliberately polluted, so it will not be held accountable.

During the weekend rush hour around 5 pm this afternoon, many passengers at Gaojie Yanchengpu Station smelled a strong odor at the ticket gate. The cleaners were busy cleaning up. Since the station was not fenced, some passengers stepped on the dirt directly. The cleaning staff yelled in a hurry to stay away.

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The Gao Jie company said that the man in his 50s was suspected of being unwell. He rushed into the toilet and had a drip in the front of the road. He might have diarrhea. After staying in the MRT toilet for a long time, there was an odor after leaving.

Gao Jie Company said that the male passenger’s diarrhea was not intentional pollution, and no punishment will be pursued after collecting evidence. However, if the environment is intentionally polluted by feces and urine, it will be confirmed that it is true and will be punished in accordance with Kaohsiung City’s violation of Article 50 of the Mass Rapid Transit Law and other relevant regulations. A fine of 10,000 yuan or more.

Dirty poop (arrow) has a strong odor.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)