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At least 11 civilians were found dead on a road in Ukraine's Kherson region.

They had gunshot wounds.

The bodies were discovered after the Russian troops withdrew from a large part of the district, reported France Presse, quoted by BTA.

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Russian forces attacked a convoy of civilians, according to the Ukrainian military, which found the civilians' cars.

Some of the victims' bodies were charred bodies.

Yesterday, a representative of pro-Russian separatists in Moscow accused the Ukrainian army of shelling a convoy of civilians in the region, killing thirty people.

He gave no further details.

The convoy of about ten people found today was on the road to the village of Kirilovka, 70 km east of Kharkiv, when it was attacked.

The bodies of the slain civilians are still on the road, in or next to the six vehicles they were traveling in.

One van is completely burnt, four bodies, one of which appears to be a child, are lying on the seats.

Not far from him is a Lada with its trunk open, a dead man lying next to it.

In the back seat of another car is the corpse of an elderly woman.

"The cars were moving together. You can see that there is almost no space between the cars," according to Filya, a Ukrainian soldier who accompanied AFP reporters to the scene.

Russia hits civilians in Ukraine with missiles.

Over 20 victims

"They were shot, that's for sure. Look at the holes left by the bullets," he adds.

"They set fire to a car, and without expert examination it is now impossible to recognize the people inside," he says.

In early September, troops from Kyiv launched a counteroffensive in eastern and southern Ukraine, recapturing large swaths of territory from Russian forces, particularly in the Kharkiv region, to which Kirillovka belongs.

Russian forces left the area early last week.

Faced with military difficulties, the Russian soldiers retreated to the east, across the Oskol River, but the Ukrainians managed to cross it, marking a great success for Kyiv.

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