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A record number of polling stations open for voting on Sunday in Turkey.

For the first time, they are 166. In previous years, there were at most 135 sections in our southern neighbor.

"More applications, means more sections, so that there are no traffic jams in front of the sections," Hülia Alton from the Association of Balkan Turks in Istanbul's Avjalar district told BNR.

In November last year, advance voting applications were under 22,000, now they are almost 26,000. The machines are no longer a problem, Najie Topal says.  

"Even an illiterate learned it, the fourth time, the fifth time".

The first voting machines are already traveling to regional cities

According to Najie, people in Turkey expect: "The government should be built now. There should be no ethnicities, no differences. You are Bulgarian, I am Turkish, but we are friends, we have gypsy friends. We are not divided, the elders divide us."  

There are 38 sections in Istanbul alone, traditionally the most sections are opened in Bursa - there they will be 40. And in Edirne this year, for the first time, voting will also be done by machines.

Local companies are already sending text messages to expats in the area, says the chairman of the Association of Balkan Turks, Cevat Gunesh.

"First, if we know them, we have members in our group of the association, we send them messages. We write them texts that on October 2 we have parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, come and vote in the next room," Günesh explains.

Both in Edirne and Istanbul, the number of Bulgarian Turks is decreasing.

Because of the 80% inflation in Turkey, many people with Bulgarian passports flee to Europe.


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