The girl surnamed Zhou was riding her bike through Caimao Bay, Section 7 of Beiyi Road in the morning, slipping and falling for unknown reasons. She even led the car to the opposite lane and collided with the cement premix truck. .

(Reported by reporter Que Jinglun)

[Reporter Que Jinglun/New Taipei Report] A 16-year-old girl surnamed Zhou was in a car accident this morning on Beiyi Highway in New Taipei City. She was riding a bicycle at 9 o'clock. She was suspected of slipping and falling through the seventh section of Beiyi Road. The cement ready-mix truck collided and was run over and lost his breath and heartbeat.

The police and consumers were subsequently reported to the scene. Zhou’s daughter had no signs of life and was immediately sent to Wanfang Hospital for emergency treatment, but she was still declared dead. The police will issue a fine to Zhou’s boyfriend who drove without a license.

Early this morning, a girl surnamed Zhou posted a time-limited dynamic notice on IG that she was going to ride a bike to Beiyi Highway in the morning to "practice Karp as a fart boy (by pressing the bike around a corner)". She and her boyfriend took a motorcycle for a ride without a license. While passing through Caimao Bay, Section 7 of Beiyi Road, she slipped and fell for unknown reasons. She even rushed to the opposite lane with a car and collided with a cement ready-mix truck.

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Police and firefighters rushed to the rescue to investigate, and Zhou Nv had lost her vital signs. She was rushed to Wanfang Hospital for rescue, but she was still unable to recover. Police investigation showed that the alcohol test of the 50-year-old Zheng surnamed cement premix truck driver was 0, while Zhou Nv was waiting Blood was drawn for inspection, and the family members have been notified to the hospital to recognize each other. In addition, because the boyfriend of the deceased Zhou Nv lent the motorcycle to a minor to ride, a fine of 6,000 to 12,000 yuan will be imposed in accordance with Article 23 of the Traffic Management Penalty Regulations. Yea, the responsibility for the accident still needs to be further clarified.

The police and firefighters rushed to the rescue to investigate. Zhou’s daughter had lost her vital signs and was rushed to Wanfang Hospital for rescue. She was still unable to recover. Yuan fine.

(Reported by reporter Que Jinglun)