In the meeting with Sonia Gandhi, Ashok Gehlot took special notes with him.

New Delhi :

Even though he had come with an apology to the meeting with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, he was badly hurt by the meeting.

Ashok Gehlot's meeting with Sonia concluded on Thursday with a 'symbolic dedication' of Rajasthan CM being out of the race for the post of Congress President, but his notes from the meeting session paint a different picture.

The photographer of Malayala Manorama J.

A photo taken by Suresh shows the cheatsheet that Gehlot took with him to the meeting.

This picture provides insight on the points that Gehlot probably raised with Sonia.

The leaked letter of Ashok Gehlot to Sonia Gandhi.

(Whatever has happened bad has happened, I am also very hurt, apart from SP, CP, Govind and 102 are also written.)

— মিত (@EgiyeBangla2022) September 30, 2022

The picture also reveals Gehlot's one-of-a-kind chargesheet against his young rival Sachin Pilot.

Making several allegations against Pilot, who is referred to as SP, Gehlot's notes claim that he has the support of 102 MLAs as against 18 of his rival and political gains for the young leader. There is every possibility to leave the party.

He also accused Sachin Pilot, as the state Congress chief, of trying to overthrow the Congress government in collusion with the BJP, allegedly trying to buy out MLAs by offering Rs 10-50 crore.

According to the photo, Gehlot started his case by telling Sonia, "What happened is very sad. I am also very hurt. Defending the MLAs, they leave together after seeing the wind change in politics, here it is like this." Not done.

The notes said, "SP would leave the party, it would have been better for the party if the observers had given the correct report first." Pilot has also been accused of being "the first party president who tried his best to topple the government." Ashok Gehlot has not yet given any reaction about this picture.

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