The idea of ​​acquiring a new anti-drone system for Ukraine belongs to the IT community, which was supported by the KOLO and Parimatch charitable foundations.

Thanks to Parimatch's donation of 1 million hryvnias, the collection was closed early.

This allowed the organizers to quickly start ordering and organizing the transportation of high-tech equipment to Ukraine.

In particular, to undergo full certification for the export of the device, to prepare the equipment for shipment and to collect the permit documentation. 

Since the end of September, the SKY CTRL installation has been protecting Ukraine on one of the hottest areas of the front.

The system almost one hundred percent distinguishes any small flying objects in its radius and reacts to them at night.

It also jams and derails enemy drones weighing 20-30 kg, such as the Russian "Orlans".

In addition, the device is easy to operate and is as autonomous as possible.  

"The war continues and we must not relax.

On the contrary, we have to support our defenders even more, not only in the economic direction by paying taxes, but also to join in the purchase of high-tech equipment, which the defenders desperately need", - sums up Nataliya Gilevich, CEO of Parimatch Ukraine.

We will remind you that KOLO and launched a collection on "mini air defense" on June 1.

In 8 days, the Ukrainian IT community managed to collect 7+ million hryvnias.

The collection ended early - Parimatch made a final and one-time contribution of 1 million hryvnias, becoming a partner of the initiative.