Yuriy Velikiy

filmed a new funny video where he aptly mocked the mobilization in Russia.

The heroine of this video was a "Russian tourist" who went to the Russian Federation from Crimea.

She hoped that at home everything would be "hearty", "at home", and here is the mobilization.

"What's been happening lately? Bombing in Crimea, mobilization in Russia. We lived well all this time, we watched Solovyov, we were beaten every night. The beatings were taken off in the morning, then we were beaten again. It was great in general, but now what?" he says. "Russian tourist".

In the video, the "Russian woman" complains that everyone is served with summonses.

Even her "husband" did not miss such a fate.

"The man hid in the cellar for a week. For the first time in my life, I saw that the cellar was dug out in three hours. He didn't want to leave the house at all. And he wouldn't have left if the toilet wasn't in the yard. He was just handed a summons. - to the domestic one," the "Russian woman" complains.

Yury Velikiy in the guise of a "Russian tourist" teased that the mobilization would lead to an increase in the number of spectators at Kobzon's concert.

"Why is this all being done? To increase the fan zone at Kobzon's concert? All this does not make my soul happy at all. Why so? We were out of politics at all. I was not interested in politics at all. We need to vote for Putin - please . We need to go to another polling station and vote for Putin there - please. All this is not at home," the "Russian woman" was indignant.

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