The Pentagon's statement that Ukraine will receive 18 HIMARS not immediately, but over several years, was made public specifically for Russia to mislead the enemy.

Such a reassuring thought for Ukrainians was caught by a military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Petro Chernyk, in a commentary on Channel 24.

According to him, no one canceled

the misleading of the enemy.

"No one has canceled this. First, there is such an interesting rule in all weapons facilities - if they say that they will give, then consider that they have already given. Secondly,



what actually comes is kept secret

," - explained Chernyk.

The expert believes that all these information flows in the mass media are distributed in order to mislead Russians.

Chernyk, as usual, made historical analogies, saying that since the first Lend-Lease during the Second World War, no country in the world has received as many weapons as Ukraine.

For example, in terms of Javelin reserves, we are the second country in the world, says the expert.

He explained that the Western industry

does not have time to produce

such a huge amount of weapons that would allow the Ukrainians to turn the tide of the war.

"But let's approach this soberly. We have a narrative that every soldier must have a Javelin, and every platoon must be shot by HIMARS, etc. But if it wasn't for their help at the beginning of the war, we probably would have strapped ourselves

with grenades and gone under Russian tanks

to stop them," the expert concluded.

It was previously reported that Ukraine will receive $1.1 billion from the US: the aid package includes 18 HIMARS.

However, the Pentagon later clarified that Ukraine will receive HIMARS within several years.

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