With the help of air and artillery strikes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine systematically bring the Russian army groups in the Kherson region to the point of complete incapacitation.

In the future, the counteroffensive may acquire the same scope as was observed in the territory of the Kharkiv region.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said this in his review on Thursday, September 29.

According to him, units of the Armed Forces in the Kherson direction continue to inflict fire damage on the enemy group. 

"As far as I understand, a decision was made to destroy it gradually, bringing it to a state of incapacity, not to risk our people and not to storm the positions of Russian troops in frontal attacks," he said.

Zhdanov emphasized that aviation and artillery are primarily used for strikes against the enemy, but in the long run, the counterattack actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may acquire the same scope as in the Slobozhansk direction, when everything began with a counterattack and ended with the liberation of most of the occupied territory of the Kharkiv region. 

It will be recalled that the former French general Dominique Trincan assumed that in October Ukrainian troops could capture the entire right bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region, including the regional center.

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