By their actions, the invaders want to cut off Ukraine from the supply of Western weapons, but there are great doubts that they will succeed in this. 

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said this.

"We can assume that the Russians will prepare a strike group for two directions - this is the Volyn region. I said earlier that they will not go to Kyiv, but to Lutsk-Lviv. Their main task is to cut off Ukraine from the west in order to make it impossible to supply weapons. However now it is no longer of such importance, because the supply of weapons goes through the entire border. Therefore, even if they reach Lviv, it will not solve their problems," Oleg Zhdanov explained. 

The Russians can open another front in the west of Ukraine, moving with a group of up to 200,000.

"And judging by the fact that the grouping of troops can be large - up to 200,000. If, of course, they gather 500,000 mobilized, then they can choose two directions - Kyiv and Lutsk-Lviv. But judging by Danilov's statements, we are ready for a meeting. It is obvious that there will be no more columns. We are ready for the meeting. Everything will be very serious there," Zhdanov said. 

It will be recalled that Ukraine will receive additional weapons and funds from the USA to respond to possible nuclear incidents. 

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