The United States will provide an additional $1.1 billion to Ukraine for the acquisition of 18 advanced missile systems and other weapons to counter the drones that Russia is using against Ukrainian forces, President Joe Biden's administration announced today, as cited by the AP.

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This package is provided under the so-called

Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which finances contracts for the purchase of weapons and equipment, BTA informs.

Thus, since Biden became president, American military aid to Ukraine has already amounted to nearly 17 billion dollars.

The news of the new military aid comes as Russia prepares to annex more parts of Ukraine after "referendums" across the occupied territories.

Kyiv and the West denounced these polls as illegal and fake.

"We will not stop supporting Ukraine and will continue to stand behind the Ukrainian people as long as necessary and provide them with the military assistance they need to defend themselves," White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre said.

The $1.1 billion package includes funding for the purchase of 18 Hymars installations and ammunition for them, as well as 12 Titan anti-drone systems.

In addition, Ukraine will acquire about 300 combat vehicles, dozens of trucks and tractors for transporting heavy equipment, various types of radars, communication and reconnaissance equipment, and personal protective equipment.

Explosive detection equipment and support and training equipment are also included.

The US is preparing new military aid for Ukraine

Under normal procedures, the delivery of such weapons from the US to Ukraine would take a year or two.

But the administration is using the Pentagon's authority to speed up delivery, the AP said. 

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