The GUR of the Ministry of Defense received information that three Ukrainian servicemen of the marine brigade - two men and a woman - are hiding in one of the occupied cities in the east of Ukraine.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence reported the details of the return of Ukrainian defenders who were hiding in the occupied territory.

"In March, during the hostilities, the men were wounded. As a result, their group could not return to the controlled territory on their own. All three were forced to hide in the occupation zone. They were able to hold out for six months thanks to the patriotism of the local residents, who provided the soldiers with medicine and food ", the report says.

For the return of the Ukrainians, the operational units of the Ministry of Defense of the Ministry of Defense, the SDF, the NABU and the National Police conducted an operational evacuation combination and the marines were able to leave the occupied territory.

It should be noted that Dmytro Lubinets, the representative of the VRU on human rights, said that Ukraine offers Russia large exchanges of citizens, but the Russian Federation unilaterally decides who to give and who not.

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