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The Czech Republic will receive $106 million in military funding from the United States, BTA reported, citing official sources.

"We consider this gift an expression of appreciation for the way the Czech Republic has been helping Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict," said Czech Defense Minister Jana Chernohova.

The U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic confirmed that $100 million has been allocated under the Foreign Military Financing Program, which allows the purchase of only U.S. military equipment.

An additional $6 million is earmarked for the construction of a cybersecurity center.

Dimitar Stoyanov: Ukraine again asked us for weapons, but we refused

Christina Agor, the United States chargé d'affaires in the Czech Republic, thanked the country for its "great leadership" in supporting Ukraine after it was attacked by Russia in February.

According to representatives of the Czech authorities, the country has supplied Kyiv with weapons and ammunition worth more than 160 million euros ($155 million).

Shipments include tanks, helicopter gunships and wheeled howitzers.


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