The fight against problems affecting crops and livestock is one that farmers around the world face.

And must find a way to protect their farm by any means.

But sometimes it's not easy to deal with problems and problems too big to fight.

And that's what's happening in the Brooklyn area.

A suburb outside of New Zealand's Wellington city.

which must be called this problem

“Pig madness rampage”

The story

goes that, in the past few months, goat farmer

Naomi Skinkamp discovered that

More than 60 of her young goats had been killed, and the carcass had been gnawed away.

Some were left with only bones and heads.

by Naomi said

what happened is

"Mass Murder" The

culprit is a stray pig that is fearlessly rampaging.

both attacking livestock

Damage to crops and crops

If these pigs find what they want to eat

It will invade like crazy.

When he was full, he fled into the forest and returned again and again.

I don't know how many times

causing great trouble to farmers in the area

Aunt Naomi also revealed that

Last month, she and her husband shot dead a stray pig as it roamed the neighborhood.

This pig weighs about 120 kg, the largest we've seen in five years. Naomi posted a picture of it on social media.

which when the news spread

Many villagers came to share their heartbreaking experiences with stray pigs.

both destroying vegetable gardens and orchards

abusing the villagers' dogs

There is also a kind uncle case to provide food.

because it looks cute

As a result, he was charged and injured.

Wellington City Council confirmed that there was a real tragedy in the area.

The root of the problem dates back to the late 18th century, when pigs were carried on colonial ships and open raising until the pigs went into the wild and turned into feral pigs.

Today, these stray pig populations are spread across New Zealand and are known for their destruction of ecosystems.

From slaughtering pastures to killing young animals such as goats and lambs, and spreading tuberculosis to livestock.

However, it is difficult to determine the total number of strays.

But it's clearly a big deal and has received quite a few complaints.

The council tried to fix the problem by hiring rangers to hunt these stray pigs.

but it is difficult

Because they can not enter the hunting area without permission.

Therefore, it can be eliminated as much as it can find.

which does not reduce the number at all

In the end, what Aunt Naomi and the villagers wanted was peace.

want to come back to grow vegetables

Raising goats with peace of mind

Without having to hold a shotgun, watch over the frantic pigs without sleep, because they might pop up at any moment.

But these stray pig problems are still unsolved and not really pigs.

Anita Thidasing