Listen to the comments of netizens, thinking that you can get excess returns by investing in the Linggu Tower.

(Reported by reporter Zheng Jingyi)

[Reporter Zheng Jingyi/Taipei Report] 50-year-old Xiao Nan listened to the comments of netizens and thought that he could get excess remuneration by investing in the Linggu Tower. He went to the Xinglong branch of Yongfeng Bank in Taipei a few days ago and wanted to withdraw 3.45 million yuan to give to his friends for investment. The clerk noticed something was wrong and hurriedly notified the police at the Xinglong Police Station of Wenshan Second Branch. After the police arrived, they explained to Xiao Nan how to defraud the Linggu Tower. Only then did Xiao Nan know that he had been deceived and stopped a fraud.

Xiao Nan told the police that after a friend introduced a netizen to have a good conversation, the other party claimed that he could get excess remuneration by investing in the Linggu Tower, and the tower could also be used by himself or his family. As soon as the 2 members heard that they noticed the difference and were similar to the frequently-occurring Linggu Tower investment fraud, they quickly began to persuade them.

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Although Xiao Nan was still dubious after hearing this, after the police talked to the netizen, the netizen said that the transaction was canceled first and then hung up the phone hastily. We are deeply grateful for this enthusiastic help. The police informed Xiao Nan about the anti-fraud publicity and fraud consultation channels to prevent him from falling into the trap of fake investment fraud again next time. Assure.

Wenshan Second Branch appealed that the sale of Linggu Tower often involves fraud. If there is a need for sale, you can check the correct company phone number with the competent authority of each county or city or the funeral management office, and check whether there is any entrustment of sale and purchase intermediary affairs.