I've been waiting for a long time

until judgment day

The Constitutional Court has scheduled an appointment to announce the ruling on the status of Prime Minister for 8 years. "Big Tu" Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha will continue or is enough. How much is enough?

Although more than a month that "Big Tu" had to take a break from his duties, the Prime Minister had "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister acting for the leader.

City Administration – Power Game

even some halt

but not to a standstill

because it is the last curve near the end of the term of the council

Complete the government's term on March 24, next year

So everything can move.

In particular, the fortress of the political camp moved to organize the army, divided the opponents, and matched up with Pachada.

Open a battle to compete for points. It drops.

Just have to prepare a second plan.

back up plan

Waiting to move together after knowing the result of the leader's fate

And today, regardless of the result

The verdict is enough to read the power game scene in advance.

The first focus is on the government pole. At the 3rd point, the old soldier has to talk to clear the front of the event before reaching the destination for the election after the APEC meeting.

Of course, there is a high chance that the position will have to be adjusted.

redo the balance

Especially players who will come to fill the government as representatives of 2 uncles, both "Big Pae" Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda, former commander-in-chief of the police, will get an administrative internship.

What position in the cabinet is the same as "Sia Tui" Peeraphan Salirathaviphak, the leader of the Thai Building Chart Party?

Join the power circle at any point

Status 2 Big names, representatives of 2 uncles, must watch from now on

While the situation of power in the civil state power is no different, even though "Big Fort" can take full power

But do not forget that the internal clans also have a chance to move.

according to the force of the situation

However, the issue of power allocation among brothers and sisters

Shouldn't be as difficult as the queue to clear external factors, whether "Big Tu" will survive, to continue, must be tired of the difficult problems waiting.

In addition to economic problems

Solving the problems of villagers from epidemics, disasters, with the remaining time of about half a year.

difficult to inject the government's vote

and rating itself

Does not include external resistance

come face to face

Alone, the mob is still able to control it.

If there is no help from the political camp fortress

Waiting for the election today

better than taking risks

"Close the playing field", a hot topic that, although a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense came out of the stream

brake the coup

“A soldier has no conditions leading to it.”

But if there is an emergency

With the sound of the military horn, Ben Ann, probably no one came out to make a statement in advance.

It can be relieved, but political people may not trust it at all.

Because on the other hand, the "Uncontrol" mob is difficult to control the game, such as the "3-inch Gen" network that announces down the road to make a mob if "Big Tu" can go on.

In this queue, the State Security Department is not careless.

especially near the APEC meeting

because if a small group assembly

scattered stars

It's likely to add to the great Greek depletion of the global conference band.

The temporal turmoil of the rulers as well.

Turning to another big pole, "Tony Dubai" and the Pheu Thai Party network

spot on location

No matter what the outcome of the leader's destiny

then hit the flag to the stadium, which is "Election"

The flag clearly has to sweep the seats to the highest peak, a landslide type, adding weight to the negotiations of the game warden.

at the crucial moment

The signal in the distant land to avoid the target "go home", reduce the tone of calling for "amnesty"

Slow down the heat, provoke resistance.

Of course, it is associated with a bad signal.

Both the threats from the ministers are very disturbing that they will "not be elected" until the issue of the child law still has a chance to be overturned in the Constitutional Court.

The rules of like, one card, party list calculation, divisible by 100, not sure yet.

Fighting hard, fearing the rules of being immersed for a long time, "Tony" had to order still before being intercepted.

Including the secret shock of the force "collapse the party"

in the direction of the country

Depending on the destiny factor "Big Tu" for "Tony" flows along the water and reads the way

Don't miss the game break.

Dab Fan Land Slide.

political news team