Czech company AŽD, a supplier of railway safety technology, has denied criticism that its workers were installing equipment at stations near Goml following Russia's attack on Ukraine.

"We have repeatedly stated that our company has stopped all its activities in Belarus by its own decision in connection with the war in Ukraine," wrote the company's press representative

Jiri Dlobaya

in response to Svaboda's request.

- For this, it was necessary to take a number of complex legal and organizational steps, including exemption from obligations, etc.

Now there is not a single employee of AŽD in Belarus, and we do not conduct activities in this country."

"Despite this information, we encountered an indiscriminate campaign in which its initiators did not shy away from, among other things, forging documents of 2015 and passing them off as documents of this year.

For these reasons, we will no longer provide any information," added the press representative of AŽD.

Criticism of AŽD was heard on social networks two months ago in connection with the installation of equipment by this company at the Gomel-Chetny and Gomel-Pavnochny stations, through which Russian military transports were passing in support of the war against Ukraine.

Then AŽD, as now in response to Svaboda, refuted this criticism, stating that all its contracts with "Belarusian Railways" were canceled due to the war in Ukraine, and the company left the Belarusian market by its own decision.

But in a statement published in August, Dlobaya confirmed that Belarus still has several of its technical specialists who perform "the most necessary work so that our technologies are in a condition that does not threaten the lives of travelers.

This has nothing to do with aggression in Ukraine.

For AŽD, this approach means huge economic losses, but our company unequivocally accepted them."

The text of this statement later disappeared from the company's website, only the title remained.

But the previous comment can be found in the Google cache.

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