When ordinary people go out to eat, they are very afraid of encountering children running around or making a lot of noise.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] I believe that when you go out to eat, you have encountered the experience of children running around and making noises, but the parents on the side did not discourage them.

Some netizens complained today (29th) that a father took his child to dinner, and the child cried and made a fuss because the child didn't want to eat it. Unexpectedly, the restaurant waiter asked the parent to appease the child, and he got a "what can I do if he wants to quarrel with me?" Reply.

The netizen complained about the commune on Facebook on the 29th, saying that he was a restaurant waiter. Once a father brought his son to dinner, but as soon as the son came in, he used the loudest voice to tell him to want fast food, and his father delayed Take him to a seat and ask him to eat and see.

However, while waiting for the meal, the child kept screaming, knocking on the table and throwing cutlery. Various out-of-order behaviors affected other dining guests.

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The original PO noticed that there were already guests with unsightly faces, so he had to go over to remind the father and ask him to pay attention to the children's volume.

Unexpectedly, after being persuaded, he directly sullen his face and responded, "The child just keeps screaming and arguing. I told him that he still keeps arguing. What can I do?"

Then I went to the counter and said I wanted a refund.

The original PO finally refunded them as he wished, and also served them a pre-dinner drink. The original PO thought that this negative review should be settled, and sighed, "It's your family's problem that you can't communicate, and no one really needs to go. Put up with your child's crying and screaming."

As soon as the post came out, many netizens sympathized, "If the guest who is arguing is me, I will directly insult him", "This is the responsibility of parents, there is nothing that can't control children's nonsense", "Parents problem, If my child is so noisy, I will fight in front of everyone", "98% of children in public are noisy and parents don't care, it's super annoying", "You can't do anything as a parent, can we, the business owner, do anything? ".