On the 29th, the Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance and other non-governmental organizations, accompanied by Legislator Chen Jiaohua, held in the Legislative Yuan "Withdrawal of State Compensation Litigation ASAP; 6th Anniversary of Taihua Coal-fired Power Plant Closing-Taihua Pollution Please Take Social Responsibility to Changhua" "Press conference.

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

[Reporter Wang Qianhao/Taipei Report] In 2016, the Changhua County Government rejected the extension of the operating license of the Changhua Plant of Taiwan Chemical Fiber Corporation (referred to as Taihua) for the steam-electric symbiosis system, resulting in the shutdown of the plant.

Taihua filed a petition, and after the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed that the county government had illegally imposed administrative sanctions, Taihua therefore sued for compensation from the state.

The Changhua District Court ruled in July that the county government should pay Taihua 477.04 million yuan.

In this regard, the militia group held a press conference together with legislators and lawmakers today (29th), calling on Taiwan Chemical to withdraw the state compensation lawsuit as soon as possible.

The Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance and the Taiwan Healthy Air Action Alliance jointly held a press conference today, together with contemporary legislator Chen Jiaohua, Changhua County Councilor Wu Weida, and Democratic Progressive Party Changhua County Councillor Yang Zixian, and called on Taihua to withdraw the state compensation lawsuit as soon as possible. .

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Zhang Shufen, chairman of the Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance, expressed her gratitude to Taihua for its contributions to Changhua for many years and for providing job opportunities for Changhua people. , air pollution, the health status of nearby residents, greenhouse gas reduction goals, etc., and then test the change of thinking of the government and enterprises, environmental sustainability and future generation development, I hope that after Taihua first draws a perfect stop, enterprises and people will win-win, together Change Changhua.

Yang Zemin, CEO of the Taiwan Healthy Air Action Alliance, said that Taihua should fulfill its corporate social responsibilities and withdraw the state compensation lawsuit voluntarily. It should also pay to the residents who have lived near the Changhua factory in Taihua for more than half a century. The cost of Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT) screening, which is the most basic corporate social responsibility and compensation.

Chen Jiaohua criticized that the Environmental Protection Agency has repeatedly favored Taihua in the Taiwan chemical case, and the result of the petition suppressed the punishment of the Changhua Environmental Protection Bureau. Later, when the air pollution law was revised, the "Taiwan chemical clause" was set, so that the factory permit was overdue. Those who refute can continue to operate according to the original conditions without failure.

The EPD's willingness to degenerate and put pollution above environmental protection is a major environmental setback in the history of Taiwan's air pollution. It makes people have to question the EPD as a helper, thug, and pawn in the "turnaround" plan of Taiwan Chemical.

Yang Zixian called on the High Court to duly carry out its responsibilities for reviewing the case files according to the law, compare the evidence presented to the county government and the Taiwanese chemical companies, and make the most appropriate judgment in line with social sentiments at first. Politicians, or people watching the drama from the other side of the river, this case is a problem that any political party will face in court and opposition. Health is not divided into blue and green, and it should not be calculated by any money. in the best interests of health.