Truck crashes into zone speed camera.

(reported by Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung report] Death on the sixth section of Shanglu Road, Shalu District, a long downhill accident occurred yesterday evening. A large truck was suspected of having a brake failure. After hitting the island separating the fast and slow lanes, it chased forward and stopped at the red light. 3 cars and 1 The pickup truck crashed into the range-measuring camera equipment in the process. Fortunately, only the driver of the first out-of-control truck suffered contusions on his hands and did not seek medical attention.

Netizens reluctantly pointed out that they bumped into the road again. In the past few days, no speed cameras have been banned, and passers-by should pay more attention.

The Qingshui police pointed out today that the 40-year-old driver surnamed Huang drove a large truck through No. 796 Expressway, Section 6, Shangxiang Road, from Longjing to Wuqi. It was suspected that the brakes had failed and lost control. After hitting the island separating the fast and slow lanes, he chased forward and stopped to wait for the red. The lighted cars and minivans also crashed the interval measuring and lighting equipment.

In addition to the serious damage to the front of the truck driven by Mr. Huang, three sedans and one small truck were also damaged in many places. Fortunately, the five drivers were fine, and the alcohol test values ​​were all 0 mg/L.

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The police pointed out that there was no intersection monitor screen and no driving recorder screen on both sides.

Some passers-by provided driving recorder pictures to clarify the accident.

The area surveying equipment damaged by the car accident is located at the end of the section, and the law enforcement team of Jiaotong University, the equipment storage unit, has been notified, and the manufacturer will investigate the damage on the spot tomorrow.

The front end of the truck was badly damaged, and the speed camera equipment on the road was also damaged.

(reported by Zhang Xuanzhe)