The Kuomintang Taoyuan mayor candidate Zhang Shanzheng is frequently interviewed by the Green Committee as his opponent Zheng Yunpeng.

(Photo by reporter Xu Zhuoxun)

[Reporter Xu Zhuoxun/Taoyuan Report] Zheng Yunpeng, a candidate for Taoyuan mayor of the DPP, was diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19). Waiting for others to stand on the platform; opponent Zhang Shanzheng said indifferently in an interview that the public expects Zheng Yunpeng's ability to be a good mayor, not whether he is popular.

The media also asked that Zhang Shanzheng’s opponent was Zheng Yunpeng in the election campaign, but the members of the Blue Camp led by Zhan Jiangcun all focused their firepower on the mayor Zheng Wencan, and they were anxious and doubtful; Zhang said that President Tsai Ing-wen and Zheng Wencan both called Zheng Yunpeng a The successor of "Mayor Zheng 2.0" can certainly review Zheng Wencan, but Zheng Yunpeng is far less than Zheng Wencan, and can only be regarded as "0.2".