The Ukrainian defenders did not stop at the liberated territories of the Kharkiv region and continued to liberate their native land from the invaders.

This is reported by the Center for Strategic Communications.

In particular, the Armed Forces continue successful offensive operations east of the Oskil River and surround the Liman group of Russians.

Also, the Ukrainian army began to liberate the Luhansk region. 

The defense forces are binding the enemy in the Kherson region as well, keeping the crossings across the Dnipro under fire control.

And the first newly mobilized Russians are already captured by the Ukrainian military.

This shows that the Russian command threw unprepared and incompetent "mobs" to the front.

It will be recalled that the speaker of Odesa OVA, Serhiy Bratchuk, showed a video in which a captured "mobic" tells about the circumstances under which he got into the war in Ukraine.

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