Executive President Su Zhenchang said that Taiwan will welcome international tourists in two weeks, and asked the Ministry of Transportation to promote the promotion of attracting tourists from all over the world.

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[Reporter Li Xinfang/Taipei Report] Executive President Su Zhenchang made the decision today when presiding over the Executive Yuan meeting. Since October 13th, the border will be expanded, and the entry-free home quarantine 0+7 will be officially implemented. The weekly number of visitors is 150,000, and the opening is open. Entry from non-visa-free countries, cancellation of travel agency bans for inbound tourism, etc.

Su Kui said that in another two weeks, Taiwan will open its doors to welcome international tourists. He especially asked the Ministry of Transportation to find ways to publicize and attract tourists from all over the world to visit Taiwan. Everyone should come to the safest and most beautiful Taiwan to experience, Consumption.

Su Zhenchang also instructed that all ministries and committees must do a good job of transformation and adjustment of various measures, think from the perspective of the public, and make customs clearance smooth; the local government must cancel the issuance of residential inspection notices, cancel care services, and resume normal operations of epidemic prevention hotels, and relevant measures must be taken. Let all counties and cities understand and master it in advance, and implement it nationally.

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The Executive Yuan held a meeting in the morning, at which the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the People's Republic of China reported on the "COVID-19 Epidemic Situation and Preparations for Opening".

Luo Bingcheng, spokesman for the Executive Yuan, recounted that Su Zhenchang said that considering the conditions of all parties in Taiwan, regardless of the vaccine administration rate, rapid screening reagents, and antiviral drugs, they are fully prepared; after a week of observation, the epidemic situation is still being judged and grasped by the command center. The peak number of cases estimated two weeks ago did not increase the severe disease rate and the death rate.

Su Zhenchang said that after inspecting the airport yesterday, everything is ready, and we will continue to move towards a steady opening.

After a two-week notice period from today, the border will be further opened from October 13th, and the entry-exemption separation 0+7 will be officially implemented, with a weekly number of 150,000 visitors, and non-visa-free countries will be allowed to enter, and inbound tourism will also be cancelled. Measures such as bans on tour groups from travel agencies.

Su Zhenchang said that the domestic vaccine administration rate is quite high, and the country must also strengthen its own immunity when the border is expanded and opened. The government purchased 3 million doses of Moderna's next-generation vaccine, and the last batch of them has arrived this morning, and all of them have arrived.

Su Zhenchang said that he is very sure of the achievements of the national team in epidemic prevention in the past 1,000 days. Behind the success of Taiwan's epidemic prevention is the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of many people. We have survived the next level, and because the administrative team has done their best, all the Chinese people are united, and we can all come together to fight the epidemic together.

Regarding the expansion of the border opening from October 13th, Su Zhenchang specially instructed the Ministry of Transportation to vigorously promote it to attract tourists from all over the world to Taiwan.