The word “bird sound, crow sound” for the new generation...refers to the sound that can only be heard through the ear canal.


But if it's an older person... it's a voice that doesn't but has meaning.

It is also a sound that must be listened to, must be interpreted.

Ajarn Sor Plai Noi wrote in the book Kham Roi Eight, Volume 2 (Documentary Publishing, 2001) that in India, it is believed that if foxes, donkeys and crows sing together, bad things will happen in the land.

It's not a metaphysical belief.

There is a story in the immortal scriptures.

That Mahabharata level

The textbook of Thai vision states that if a cow, a crow, a dog and a rooster sings, such as a dog barking or howling,

rooster at night

regarded as a vision to know

All human beings will be in danger.

in four types of animals that Thai people trust

Thai people trust crows more than other animals. The older generation, when hearing the unusual cry, often says,

“Tell me the good news.

Tell the bad news and fly away."

The cry tells the good and the bad.

Therefore, many people have written textbooks and listened to the singing voice.

Bird sounds that Thai people do not want to hear

is the sound of a bird

It sang loudly and sounded like a “sack”. It was believed that if it was heard through the roof of any house,

That house is always dead.

The sound of the owl is the only sound that can be heard.

is unfortunate

There are also animal sounds in the house such as lizards, geckos, and rats.

If you hear a lizard say hello

to knock on the floor

If the gecko cries less than six times

considered a bad omen

If singing more than six times, predict that there will be good news.

People in the house will get good fortune.

will be promoted

but the voice must be clear and clear

If you cry hoarsely, you say that it has no effect.

S. Plai Noi said that

Want to know how the sound of a lizard, raven, gecko, or rat?

He wrote it in detail in the book of fabulous beasts.

and the book of the twelve zodiacs

Anyone who has it at hand, want to know, should open it and read.

Nowadays, more and more pesticides are used in homes.

These beasts disappeared, so whoever wanted to hear how they sang

I probably won't have a chance to listen.

The story of the Little Singing Animal has been written a lot.

But the stories of big beasts are rarely written about.

There is a story that was recorded as evidence on the night of June 23, 1932.

The most important elephant in the reign of King Rama VII refused to sleep and groaned all night.

Personal mahout that has been raised since birth.

Looking at the symptoms, I don't know what caused it.

Until the morning of June 24, 1932, there was a revolution.

There has been a change in governance

in a place near the elephant shed

Ajarn Sor Plai Noi ended the story of the sound of animals crying, saying good and bad.

right here

let us think to each other

The elephant's head is reactive because it has a special instinct to know ahead of time.

Today is the 30th day of September 2022. There are people in the whole town.

be fidgety

Keep an eye out for what will happen.

Let's say that whether it's sleeping and waiting to win.

or waking up

He listened to loud noises from animals close to each other...Some things people don't have insight.

But in ancient times it was said that a dog, a raven, a chicken, a bird, or a rat might know.

kirin pralongchoeng